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Videomapia is a video search engine to finding videos on video map.

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Videomapia can search videos by location and view mark on the map and view video simultaneously. The mark on the map shows the place where the video was shot at the moment you see it on the video.

Google video maps? No. This is better! This is OSM map of videos.

Project is an analog "youtube map explorer" (also known as "social map explorer") but more precisely. For search using GPS-tracks. Search accuracy is tens of meters, you can find videos taken on a specific street or nearby.

You can now search youtube videos by location. Discover videos on a map, and explorer our digital planet.

How to get involved.

The youtube map search service is based on crowdsourcing and it is fully free. Any user can add gps-tracks to their or other people's videos.

The easiest way to participate in the project - self-shooting video with simultaneous recording of GPS-track. Easy way - use car dvr with gps receiver. You can also record a gps track with a smartphone and record video with any video camera.

Record georeferenced video from a variety of platforms including dashcams, drones and helicopters. Take videos of any of your travels and trips. You can develop your channel, get new viewers and subscribers.

Just tell your friends about this site. This is important for us.

How to use.

To search youtube videos by location you need to click on the map in the right place. Map on top of this page. It shows red tracks from the video. Search Place circled in blue circle. To the left of the map will show previews and links to view.

When watching a video, the video is synchronized with the map. Click on the map to view another location.

Important links.

Add a new track.

Create track.

How to upload a video and add a track.

How to create a track to the old video.


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