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Walking in Chongqing ( district Wanzhou, China ).

About the city.

Wanzhou is a city in central China. Рopulation over 1.7 million inhabitants. Now is a district of the largest city in China. "Wanzhou" literally means "myriad-prefecture", where "a myriad rivers converge and a myriad traders gather".

Convenient transportation, through which the Golden Waterway of the Yangtze River passes, is a city with airports, railroads, highways, deep-water port terminals, high-speed railways and customs ports, as well as a transport hub for international customs logistics.

High-quality infrastructure. Many kindergartens, schools, colleges are also located 7 higher educational institutions, 9 hospitals and of course many shopping centers.

Who's that girl?

She is a chinese girl Feng Timo. She is an internet singer (streamer singer). She has more than 18 million subscribers in Douyu. Another 29 million in TikTok and 9 million in Weibo (data at the beginning of 2019). Born in 1991 in the central part of China, in Chongqing, in the Wanzhou district. In this video, she walks through her hometown and sings songs. Her height is only 62 inches (weight 77 pounds) - this is not enough for China in which people are not tall. Many people make fun of her small stature.

Fengtimo sings a lot of cover. But it has its own songs. Singing starts at 1 hour 40 minutes.

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