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Rescue 50 Ride Along video from dashcam
The Willow Street Fire Company was organized in 1924. Willow Street is located in Lancaster County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The original station was a two-bay building that was built on rented land located on Main St in downtown Willow Street. It became home to the department"s first Reo fire truck. The department at that time ran 25-30 calls a year. As the community grew both in population and number of buildings, so did the demand for additional emergency equipment. In June of 1961 the first ambulance was purchased. In March of 1977, a fund drive began to raise money for a larger station to be built along the Willow Street Pike. In 1978 the department moved from its Main Street location to 2901 Willow Street Pike where the company is located today. The current station is a 7 bay engine house with offices, a lounge, kitchen and meeting room.

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